Badanie własności hydraulicznego układu napędowego z zaworem hamującym typu counterbalance przy obciążeniu biernym i czynnym
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zmienne obciążenie tłoczyska
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In this paper there is a description aboout reaserch of a counterbalance valve basic properties presented. There is a review about test stand, counterbalance valve work and simulations of hydrostatic drive system with variable load. The purpose of the proposing research project is to check properties of hydrostatic drive system with actuator and counterbalance valve during changeable force from passive to active in one cycle. The main purpose, the thesis, is a possibility to find out such a set of ranges for counterbalance valve which will guarantee correct and smooth work of the hydraulic drive system with variable work conditions. Hydraulic drives systems with actuators are the most widespread and the most often applied of hydrostatic drives. They are supplying by hydrostatic pump with constant capacity. These systems work correctly if an actuator is loaded by a passive force. This means, the force is in the opposite direction to a velocity of a rod, in other words - is giving a negative power. In case of the actuator is loaded by a positive force, so the force is in the same direction to a velocity of a rod, that is giving a positive power and the whole construction of the hydraulic system is more difficult. More difficult problems to solve appear when the force is variable (value, character) during one cycle. In this situation, among the hydraulic drives, the most widespread are systems with breaking valves that are called counterbalance valves. These are presure one-sided valves which open for one direction of a stream. They open for the opposite direction if a sum of pressures in two hydraulic lines is bigger than a value set in the counterbalance valve. For an inference of hydraulic drive systems features, besides theoretical tests and simulations, necessary is to carry through reliable experimental tests. Preferably on the real objects using original hydraulic drives. It is not always possible, cause the acces to machines which are in motion is denied and costly. Therefore exists a necessity for a test stand with real actuator and hydraulic drive system which can provide variable static and inertial load. Physical and mathematical model of the hydraulic drive system and construction was built. Whole parameters of the model were based on measurements of the test stand elements and counterbalance valve. Preliminary simulation tests were taken. Counterbalance valves are used in hydraulic systems for years. Theirs pracitcal application is accompanying many unfavourable effects, which have not been recognized yet. These dynamics efects are rapid changes of pressures and floats. Complex tests of these dynamic changes will be a base for a recognition and simulation of hydraulic systems with counterbalance valve.
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Automatyka i robotyka
Budowa i eksploatacja maszyn
Control engineering and robotics
Machinery construction and operation
discipline:Budowa i eksploatacja maszyn
discipline:Machinery construction and operation
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