Grain Silo Loads: Experiments and DEM Simulations
Instytut Agrofizyki im. Bohdana Dobrzańskiego Polskiej Akademii Nauk
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Book of abstracts. 10th International Conference on Agrophysics, 5-7.06.2013 Lublin, Poland
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Instytut Agrofizyki PAN
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Grain Silo Loads: Experiments and DEM Simulations
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ICA 2013
Nazwa konferencji
10th International Conference on Agrophysics, 5-7.06.2013 Lublin, Poland
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Lista innych baz czasopism i abstraktów w których była indeksowana
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The contribution presents the review of results of experimental studies and numerical DEM simulations of loads distribution in model silos selected from sev-eral research projects performed by the authors. Experiments on model flat floor silos have been conducted in the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engng, Univ. of Kentucky, USA and in the Institute of Agrophysics PAS. The silo loads were investigated for different filling and discharge methods as well as to examine the influence of inserts embedded in the grain. The filling was found to influence markedly the geometric structure of the as-sembly observed as distribution of vectors normal to contact points. Centric filling resulted in an assembly of more regular distribution of the normal directions than that generated by sprinkle filling. In the case of centric filling the normal vectors directions concentrated along vertical line and two axes forming a nearly regular hexagonal structure. The horizontal moment of force exerted on the wall was determined for smooth and corrugated wall model bin during off-center discharge. The moment was found to be the highest for the discharge orifice located at half the radius of the silo floor. Smoother silo wall resulted in a larger asymmetry of load distribution. Non-axial filling of the silo produced asymmetric load distribution. This asymmetry was a result of anisotropy of the bedding of granular material produced by grains rolling along the surface of the cone of natural repose. The asymmetry generated by off-center filling can increase or reduce the asymmetry of load generated by off-center discharge depending on mutual position of filling chute and discharging orifices. The DEM simulations of off-center filling and discharge of a model silo gave similar results to those of experimental testing. Simulations indicated some minor asymmetry of loads during centric filling and discharge, which increased for off-center filling and off-center discharge. Resultant lateral force exerted on the wall and the bottom corresponded to resultant moment of force. Internals in the grain bedding were found to change pressure distribution in the silo. Obstructions attached to wall disturbed the load symmetry to the highest degree, but centrally located inserts also influenced pressure distribution signifi-cantly. The results of DEM simulations were found in a good qualitative and quantitative agreement with results of laboratory testing. Close agreement of results of laboratory testing and DEM simulations despite considerably smaller simulated objects (scales 1:4 to 1:24) pointed out to DEM as promising method for investigation of mechanical processes in granular materials